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A big ‘Hello’ from Ciara

Ciara Brimfield


Season & Simplicity was founded out of a love for the change in seasons, a persistent desire to get back to basics, and the need to put my mental wellbeing at the top of my agenda. After 15 years of really struggling with my mental health (we’ll talk panic disorders, anxiety, depression, and break downs later) I’ve realised the huge importance of making time to slow down and simplify.

As a self-employed marketing consultant that spends a LOT of time working solo, routine and good habits are vital for me. I wanted to create a space of good conversations, comfort, support, and helpful tools for like-minded women who sometimes feel just a tad overwhelmed by ‘it’ all.

You’ll find me living on the outskirts of Winchester, my hometown, with my husband Ross, our two cats (Pancake and Boris) and our sanity-saving dog, Buckley.

Inspired by holistic therapies, yoga, and meditation, and permanently in need of a cup of tea, Season & Simplicity is my very own place of retreat.



For me Season & Simplicity is permission to slow down, simplify life and align with the rhythm of nature.

Having worked as a freelance designer and workshop facilitator for most of my career I have noticed, more than ever, that people feel overwhelmed by the world around them (myself included!). The benefits linking wellbeing and the arts is no new thing; but with life being busier than ever for most people, less importance is given to quiet moments – methodically making, engrossing yourself in a creative task, enjoying the process, just slowing down.

Originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland, I moved to Winchester 15 years ago to study at Winchester School of Art and now live here with my husband and two young sons.

I’m inspired by nature and the changing seasons. I love to walk (no running for me!) and find recyclable treasures with my boys. My work days consist mainly of making and creating from my studio in Shawford, with plenty of tea for fuel!

Season & Simplicity is the perfect space to connect with like minded individuals seeking a slower pace of living. Nature doesn’t hurry, and nor should we.

A warm welcome from Jo

Jo Burgess



Our lovely friends…

Louise Slimm – The Yoga Woods

Louise is a creative, passionate and fun-loving yoga instructor and has been practicing yoga for over 14 years. She loves guiding her students through the traditional Hatha Style of Yoga incorporating alignment, breath awareness, meditation and conscious movement always to the beat of a thoughtfully sequenced playlist. Louise trained with The Friends of Yoga Society International and Yoga Mama, London.

Louise aims to create a peaceful environment to encourage individuals to find a place of peace in mind, body and heart through yoga.  Louise also has specialist training in prenatal yoga and offers yoga classes specialising in pregnancy. 

Her classes are based in beautiful locations in Hampshire. Please see timetable for details.

We’d love to hear from you

If you’d like to contribute to Season & Simplicity then we would LOVE to hear from you. Just drop us an email to hello@ciarabrimfield.co.uk or send us a message via our ‘Chat’ page and let us know what you’d like to share!

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