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Home & Haven || Christmas Calm with A Perfect Chaos

Like so many of us, I’m a real sucker for a beautiful and deliciously scented candle. I’m always on the lookout for new, independent candle makers and natural scents that go with the seasons. So you can imagine my delight when the lovely ladies at Perfect Chaos sent me some seriously happy post.

With a brand that reflects everything we believe in here at Season & Simplicity, Penny & Lisa are ‘creating a little bit of calm amongst the chaos’ which is an ethos we are absolutely behind 🙌🏼. PLUS, their candles are made from all natural ingredients, we’re talking 100%, natural soy wax, essentials oils and all hand poured in Cheshire.

Inside my (eco-friendly) box of treats was a gorgeously festive ‘And Sparkle’ candle, a combination of pine, lime, and myrrh, an ‘And Breathe’ travel candle, made of cool peppermint, lemongrass, and basil, plus THE most heavenly pulse point roller from their ‘And Relax’ range of lavender, lemongrass, and jasmine. An ideal antidote during over the Christmas period.


The festive ‘And Sparkle’ candle was instantly lit and filled the room with enough festive spirit that I went straight out to grab my Christmas tree. It’s a definite winner this season and it gives off the most gorgeous glow.

The packaging and branding is understated, elegant, and simplicity at its best. No unnecessary packaging or plastic, even the lids are made from a non-silicone material.

I can’t recommend this gorgeous brand and their delicious range of products. As an avid yogi I love a good pulse-point roll on and have tried so many different varieties, including some super fancy ones from some well-known ‘wellbeing’ brands and I can honestly say that this roll on is my most favourite ever (she says whilst sniffing her wrists and breathing deeply!).


So, if you’re looking for a natural, calming, and beautifully made gift this holiday season, make sure you head on over to Perfect Chaos and have a look around. You’ll find everything from candles and roll ons to diffusers and even room sprays.




// Perfect Chaos kindly gifted these items //

Home & Haven || Mindful Christmas Part One – Gifting

No matter how hard you try, there’s no escaping the fact that Christmas is mere weeks away… and you’ve probably got a ‘to-do’ list as long as your arm.

It can be so easy to get caught up in the whole “Christmas Consumption’ and to feel more than just a liiittttllle frantic at this time of year. But there ARE lots of different ways you can help yourself to have a more mindful Christmas (that don’t involve hiding under a rock until Jan 1st); without the rush, the stress, the debt, the worry.

We’ve got a little Mindful Christmas series for you here on the blog, and this week we’re sharing a few gifting ideas that help to put wellbeing at the top of your Christmas list. PLUS these are gifts with the environment, local businesses, and independents in mind too.

Help on a Shelf

You can’t go wrong with the gift of books. And this year has seen SO many amazing wellbeing-inspired self help books, journals, and guides and some of my favourites this year include:

Matt Haig – Notes on a Nervous Planet – A real and honest guide on how to deal with the crazy, modern world we live in. And if you’re looking for something for kids then his latest book, The Truth Pixie, will completely melt your heart.

Suzy Reading – The Self Care Revolution – A book with smart habits and simple practices that will help you flourish. Find out more over on our blog here.

Or how about a journal? There are lots of gorgeous journals out there (we’ve bought and tried a lot of them) but we can’t get enough of Nikki Strange’s stunning range of notebooks and journals. PLUS, check out her gorgeous eco friendly gift wrap.

Nikki Strange Stationery

Gift to the one who’s looking to make a change

Magazine subscription 

Last year my husband gifted me a magazine subscription and it’s been my favourite gift! I love hearing the ‘thud’ when it arrives in the post. I wait until all my chores are done so I can relax and unwind whilst drinking a glass of fizz on a Friday evening. Both In the Moment magazine and Breathe magazine are full of lots of gorgeous content and will leave your recipient feeling oh-so calm and super inspired.

In the Moment Magazine

Gift to the one who needs to sit down and do less

Subscription box

There are lots of subscription boxes out on the market but Mindful Gifting have such beautiful boxes that are vegan free and eco friendly too. What better gift than a monthly subscription box full of ideas for better wellbeing?

Mindful Subscription Box

Gift to the one who needs a little extra self-care 

Create Calm

Think candles and eye pillows. We love these gorgeous eye pillows that are ideal for yoga, relaxation or to help ease aches and pains. Simply freeze or pop in the microwave for added effectiveness. Plus, if you follow the link to Life + Me you’ll find plenty of amazing gifting ideas; you’ll just struggle to not buy them all for yourself.

Linen Eye Pillows

Gift to the one who needs a few moments of calm

Experience Gifting 

I love the idea of gifting people experiences – we do this in our family a lot for birthdays and Christmas and it’s something I’ve tried to do more of this year. Give the gift of something your husband, best friend, niece… have never tried before and check out local art venues, classes, and events that are going on in your local area.

Mindful Christmas

Gift to the one who’d love to try something new

PLUS… don’t forget the ‘Just a Card’ campaign. You can out more here.



Hip and Healthy soup

Sunday Reset… The Weekend Series #1

Hello, lovely!

Welcome to the first edition of my weekend series, The Sunday Reset.

I don’t know about you, but Sunday mornings should be taken as  S  L  O  W  as possible. A chance to savour a big cuppa,  a leisurely breakfast, and to catch up on some reading –  from the comfort of your bed or the sofa.

So here’s a little round up of some blog posts, articles, and inspired reading to help you to take a bit of time out for you.

Pop the kettle on, get cosy, and hit reset.

Main Image c/o Hip and Healthy 

Laura Turner, who owns the dreamy lifestyle shop Hero (in gorgeous Stockbridge) always writes with such honesty and integrity. Any time she puts pen to paper you just know there’s going to be some resonance and her latest blog post was no exception.

Whether you run your own business, are juggling a multitude of things, or feel as though you are constantly looking ahead to the ‘next thing’, you’ll totally relate.  Laura discusses the feelings of putting too much pressure on yourself, planning ahead, and feeling despondent when things aren’t going in the right direction (despite your best efforts). It’s a beautiful, honest, and reassuring read.

I’m a big fan of natural skincare and love finding out about new products that are not only good for my skin but good for the planet 🙌🏼. And the fabulous ladies at Sisterhood have a blog post all about natural beauty! AND it features my very own favourite natural skincare brand, Sukin… have a read – and when it comes to replacing your empty lotions and potions why not consider a more ethical choice for your next purchase.

If making time to sit down and read is proving tricky (or near-on impossible; don’t worry, we hear ya!) then podcasts are a great way to indulge in some listening time whilst tackling the washing, cleaning, dog walk… whatever else happens to be on your to-do-list.

Podcasts always feel like you’re actually part of the conversation – as if you’re there, in the room, eagerly listening to some friendly wisdom. And one of my favourite podcasts is The Slow Home Podcast – all about slow living in a fast paced world. A husband and wife duo who just seem to have THE most honest and real way of helping and enabling you to slow your home and life down in simple yet incredibly effective ways. It’s all about saying no to a life lived at 110% and I’m all in on that one!

No autumn weekend would be complete without some cosy and comforting recipes. Which is exactly what these are. From the gorgeous ladies at Hip & Healthy share 9 autumn-inspired recipes that are packed full of immune boosting goodness (and they look so yummy too).

I’m hoping that you’ve found a little time to indulge in The Sunday Reset and that you have a great week ahead of you.


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