Life & Style || Revelations over Resolutions

Happy New Year!

… yes, I know, a little late to the New Year party but I find this time of year a bit strange if I’m honest. I have always had a love/hate relationship with New Year. The whole ‘new year, new me’ often leaves me a bit cold, and the pressure it puts upon us only adds to the stress of trying to achieve the near-on impossible.

Think about it. We’ve been living the past couple of weeks in a state of confusion – wondering what day it is, whether it’s OK to eat chocolate for breakfast (it is), whether alcohol at every main meal is socially acceptable (bucks fizz is the perfect answer to this), and finding it harder to get up in the mornings and get motivated (alarm, what alarm?).

When it all comes to a dramatic halt, it can be pretty tough to face routine, get back to work, and begin the whole ‘new year, new me’ thing. I don’t think resolutions serve much of a purpose – the gym is packed, there’s leftover yule log in the cake tin, and quite frankly, it’s all a bit too much to deal with. Which is why I prefer to kick-start my new year with a few revelations, taking stock of the old year and how I might do things a little different in the year ahead; or not.  January is a tough enough month as it is without setting yourself the unachievable or unattainable.

Nope, instead, I like to make New Year’s revelations. And, for the first time since I was at school, I have attempted to create a ‘vision board’ thanks to In the Moment Magazine and have pinned it above my desk for good measure. I spend a lot of time here (not always productive time either) and the blank wall was crying out for something pretty to stare at …  and it gave me a prompt to think about the little things I’d like to do/try in a bid to make this year more content than the last, BUT, with some serious gentleness and grace. No guilt, no expectation, and definitely no judgment. So here are the things I plan to make time for…

A time to… challenge 

I can be terrible for living in my comfort zone (firmly and cosily tucked up in it) and last year saw me having to dig deep (thanks to a mental health breakdown) and focus on some of the simplest of tasks… walking the dog, getting dressed, getting my work done, attending appointments, so this year I’ve made it my focus to do my yoga teacher training. Yoga has been a HUGE life changer for me (a post for another time) and has even helped me to come off my anti-anxiety/antidepressant medication, and I want to be able to teach others who struggle all the amazing things I’ve learned over the years to help manage their own mental health in a positive way. So, it’s back to school for me… with equal measures of nerves and excitement. 

A time to… take more action 

I live my life through lists, I have lists for everything. But I’m far too good at procrastinating.  One of life’s all or nothing kind of people. One thing I’ve had on my ‘to-do’ list this year is to clear out lots of the things I have but simply don’t need. I started this last year by tackling a bulging wardrobe full of clothes I will never wear and now I want to keep going.  Not only do they take up space in my home but in a weird way, they occupy space in my mind (and we couldn’t all with making a little extra space up there!).  So, I’m ready to catch up with Marie Kondo and Brooke from The Slow Home Podcast and really reduce what I have and what I actually need.

A time to… feed my mind 

It’s easy to fall into bad habits – especially at this time of year. And, whilst it’s pretty important to binge-watch your favourite series on Netflix (*Gilmore Girls), I am also aware that my mind needs a bit more good fuel. So, I’m already tackling that large pile of books (mainly of the self-help variety) to give my mind some good energy and focus and am planning on starting a self-help-style Book Club locally.

A time to… slow. down. 

Time goes by so quickly that it can seem a constant cycle of work, meetings, chores and appointments, squeezing in hurried catch-ups with friends and speed-dates with the husband. Last year, through a midst of haze and medicated anxiety I didn’t take much time to focus on the things that I really WANT to do .  Quality time with my husband and dog, time to blog, precious moments with friends and family, time to sit and read that big stack of books I eye up most evenings. I hope to take more time for those little things. To savour the moment and be just a tad more mindful that life is for living and not for checking off the things we’ve completed on our list or stressing over the shit we didn’t do.

I’d love to know how you approach a new year and what things you’re focusing on for your own wellbeing?

Wishing you all a very happy and healthy 2019. Remember to take it at your own pace and to be gentle and kind to yourself… life is tough enough!