Mind & Mood || Welcome to Season & Simplicity

Hello! And welcome to Season & Simplicity.

I am SO excited to finally hit the ‘live’ button on what has been a serious labour of love. It’s been sitting in my head for what seems like an eternity, so it feels great to finally be here and sharing this with you. (Although the perfectionist in me has been screaming to leave it hidden.)

Season & Simplicity has been born out of a love for the change in seasons, a persistent desire to get back to basics, and a need to slow down, simplify, and put wellbeing and good mental health at the top of our agendas. Life can be pretty full-on so having a strong community around you, one that encourages and supports you on a deeper level, is paramount. And it’s our goal is to create a warm and open space for good conversations and supportive tools that help us navigate our way through this hectic and crazy world; a place to retreat, to reset, and to restore.

And to help me do this I’m bringing my super creative, fellow simplifier, and all-time best gal, Jo, from Green Magpie along for the ride. We have lots of plans in the pipeline and will be sharing them all with you very soon. PLUS we have lots of fabulous contributors who’ll be joining us, including yoga teacher and serene queen herself, Louise from The Yoga Woods .

We’ll be sharing lots of content over on the blog, as well as our upcoming retreats, workshops, AND our very own Season & Simplicity shop, full of gorgeous creative kits, prints, and products to help you reset, retreat, and restore (coming soon). We hope you’ll join us in our plight to forge a super supportive community 🙌🏼

And, in the meantime, why not sign up for our free 7-day online retreat; The Slow & Steady.  Designed to help you live a little more mindfully each and every day.