Nourish & Glow || Summer Self Care Tips

Hurray for summer! Our eagerly anticipated summer did NOT disappoint, right? And whilst in an ideal world we’d all be chilling on the beach, emails switched off, cool box in reaching distance and work/kids occupying themselves, alas we’re just over here melting.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. The sunshine has been all-kinds of glorious but maintaining a cool and calm appearance can be tricky and we’ve been swapping our usual Self-Care Sunday rituals of roasts and red wine for cold baths and ice lollies.

So, in true British style, we’ve got a few summer self care tips for you!

Treat your feet 

I love to be barefoot whenever possible… which means my feet taking a beating. Making sure I give them any form of attention is usually not top of the list. But summer means suns out, sandals out so its time to treat your feet. Whether that’s booking in a pedicure at your local salon (think air con, book, and fresh new trotters) or a little DIY footcare, make sure you take some time to look after the two things you put more pressure on than anything else!

Keep hydrated 

Why is it that we find it so difficult to drink enough H20 in a day? Unless my bottle is on my desk and staring me in the face I can often simply forget. Jo and I have an unquenchable thirst for sparkling water, but if water just ain’t your tipple you can always mix it up with fruit infusions, cool herbal teas too and lots of frozen watermelon! Just make sure you’re getting plenty of the good stuff.

Nature’s reserves 

And speaking of water, take trips to your nearest watering hole (of the nature kind, not just the pub kind). Whether you’re lucky enough to live near an outdoor pool, river, lake or the sea, get out and soak it up. We count ourselves extremely lucky that we live near the river, so daily dog walks mean a chance for both the dog and myself to take a dip in the river.

Slow down 

The heat (especially in the hottest heatwave for over 40 years) can really drain you of your energy, so now is the perfect time to slow everything down a little. We find the school holidays (whether you have kids/are at work/are juggling both) the roads, offices, and even email inboxes are just that little bit quieter. Make the most of this and keep things to a minimum where possible.

We would LOVE to hear your summer self care tips… come and find us over on Instagram and let us know how you’re staying cool and looking after yourself this season.

With love,